QWERTY Writing Life Podcast

Caring for Your Creative Trinity

September 28, 2020

Human beings are complex. No doubt about it. What makes us special isn’t just one thing, because we were created with minds, bodies and spirits. When we care for all three of those, we’re able to function at a whole other level in life … and in creativity. Authors Joy E. Rancatore and Mea Smith delve into the “Creative Trinity” in Episode 18 of QWERTY Writing Life.

Check out the fantastic links mentioned in the episode:

Camille Myrick, author: https://www.instagram.com/camillemyrick/

Dare To Lead By Brené Brown: https://daretolead.brenebrown.com/workbook-art-pics-glossary/

Audra Cummings, fitness instructor: https://www.facebook.com/audra.cummings.98

The Author Shoppe: https://www.facebook.com/Hemingbear

Intro music created and performed by Brent Smith.

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