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Interview with a Creative: Joanna Penn on Evolution of Creativity

January 13, 2020

Join us in welcoming Joanna Penn, award-winning entrepreneur and award-nominated (soon to be award-winning; we’re affirming it here!) author of thrillers and nonfiction for authors. In Episode 37 of QWERTY Writing Life Podcast, she discusses with us the evolution of creativity. Joanna walks us through how creativity can change over the years. We examine how, for creativity to be realized or to evolve, we must pull together an internal excavation of sorts and our natural curiosity with action. One key practice for Joanna to move from the introspective side (dreaming and wishing) to action (achieving) is making affirmations.

In this week’s QWERTY Challenge, Joanna wants us to claim our creative affirmations for the 2020s. She maps out a three-step process, and we look forward to making theirs along with you. Share your affirmations with us, so we can encourage one another! We’ll be back for next week’s episode with our affirmations for the 2020s.

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